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Nude Shades Are A Must-Have for 2021!

Whether you're still manicuring from home or have managed to bag yourself an appointment at a salon, there's one nail colour that's hugely popular right now. Before you start thinking of the classic red or even soft pink shades, hold on! This shade is just as, if not more popular and still suits everyone … nude nail polish. Yes, nude or beige shades—from light tan to rich, near-brown hues—can all be spotted on the fingers of celebrities, influencers and fashionistas. The "less is more" beauty landscape of 2021, is set to become even more popular.

If this comes as a shock to you then maybe its because you have always considered beige to be a boring shade. But as our most stylish icons have proven via beautiful yet natural fashion looks, this neutral hue is a classic staple that still makes a statement. The great thing about beige, is that there are so many variations of it to fit any and every skin tone or finish preference.

Check out Nailture’s nude nail colours to carry out your most stylish manicure yet.

Deep Beige

Nailture Sand Dune by @d8sat

Shades of beige, from an almost pinky white to deeper shades that resemble lighter browns. Deep-beige nail colours serve as the perfect neutral tone for those with darker and olive skin.

Nailture Sand Dune by @mademoisellmakeup

Sheer Beige

Nailture Pearls of Wisdom by @rajtutt

Nailture Pearls of Wisdom by @d8sat

Already considered a very subtle nail colour, a sheer-beige option such as Nailture’s Pearls of Wisdom takes this idea of barely there to the next level. This light shade of polish is perfect for those who want just a little something while still maintaining that natural look. This shade is perfect for a polished and professional look.

True Beige

Nailture Dreamy Peach by d8sat

All variations aside, a true-beige nail colour is just in a league of its own. There is simply nothing that’s looks better than a light, natural, and shiny polish to give you the cleanest chic manicure.

Beige Nail Art

Nailture Dreamy Peach and Damson in Distress by d8sat

Although when you think of nail art, you envisage bright hues with matching vivid shades for the pattern, you can create fabulous and fun looks anchored by neutral shades. It's just further evidence that beige nail colours are anything but boring.

Try a nude shade, you wont regret it!

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