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Why we should all consciously buy less plastic products

Plastic is versatile, long lasting, cheap, and disposable. However, coupled with our throw away culture, these are the very qualities that make plastic a problem. Plastic which does not biodegrade finds its way into the ocean. Here it entangles dolphins, turtles, sea birds as well as entering into the ecosystems and the food chain of many other sea life with toxic consequences.

The answer is simple, but requires a different mindset. We need to make and use less plastic, whilst recycling the waste we have already produced. This is where we can all help, by buying products that actively reduce plastic and excess plastic packaging. If demand for goods with plastic drops, manufacturers will move to sustainable goods. The cost to produce sustainable goods can be higher, however the increase in demand reduces the cost of sustainability. At nailture, we commit to reducing all plastic packaging and keeping prices low enough to compete with plastic alternatives.

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